positive impact december 2017
Positive Impact Recap | Human Rights Initiatives
January 5, 2018

For our Positive Impact December 2017, the Payline Giving team focused on human rights initiatives by working with Chicago-based Heartland Alliance. Heartland Alliance…

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positive impact november 2017
Positive Impact Recap | Homelessness & Hunger
December 11, 2017

For our Positive Impact November 2017, the Payline Giving team served alongside members of the community organization A Just Harvest to…

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positive impact september 2017
Positive Impact Recap | Pediatric Cancer Research
October 9, 2017

For our Positive Impact September 2017, Payline focused on supporting pediatric cancer research by working with the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF)….

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positive impact august 2017
Positive Impact Recap | Education
September 7, 2017

Our Positive Impact August 2017 Payline focused on Education issues that affect the students in our surrounding community. We worked with…

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Positive Impact July 2017
Positive Impact Recap | Veterans and Military Support
August 3, 2017

Our Positive Impact July 2017 centered around support for veterans and current military by working with Volunteers of America, specifically their…

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positive impact june 2017
Positive Impact Recap | Alzheimer’s Disease Research and Awareness
July 17, 2017

Our Positive Impact June 2017 efforts on Alzheimer’s Disease Research and Awareness by working with the Alzheimer’s Association’s Chicago chapter for…

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positive impact may 2017
Positive Impact Recap | Mental Health Awareness
June 1, 2017

For our Positive Impact May 2017, Payline partnered with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to highlight our positive impact spotlight on Mental…

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Positive Impact April 2017
Positive Impact Recap | Environmental Awareness
May 4, 2017

For our Positive Impact April 2017, Payline sought to have a positive impact through April’s cause of Environmental Awareness by volunteering with…

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positive impact march 2017
Positive Impact Recap | Special Needs & Polar Plunge
April 10, 2017

For the Positive Impact March 2017 event, the Payline team supported the cause of Special Needs, our positive impact cause of…

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positive impact february 2017
Positive Impact Recap | Animal Rescue and Rehab
March 2, 2017

For the Positive Impact February 2017 Payline partnered with Chicago-based no-kill pet shelter, PAWS to highlight our positive impact cause of the month,…

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