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Credit Card Reader and Point of Sale (POS) Solutions

Do much more than just accept payments. The perfect blend of devices and apps to match your business.

It’s never been easier to process payments, manage transactions and update business operations thanks to industry-leading card readers and applications like inventory tracking, accounting, payroll, scheduling and more. Get the most intuitive point of sale (POS) solutions with no long-term contracts, no annual fees, transparent pricing and a dedicated Account Manager from Payline.

Taking In Person Payments with Payline

$10/Month + Interchange + 0.2% + 10 Cents per transaction

No Additional Fees · No Long-term Contract · Dedicated Account Manager

Card Readers and Terminal Solutions

Ingenico Line

America’s most trusted card reader

  • All transactions speak to your virtual terminal/
    dashboard in real-time allowing you to store data
    for future use, void, refund, and run detailed
  • Accept all electronic payment methods including
    EMV chip & PIN, Magstripe, iPhone pay & Android

Clover Line

The future of payments

  • Hardware that scales – add more POS components as you grow
  • Large easy to use touch screens with printers and built in batteries for uninterrupted service
  • End-to-end encryptions and tokenization
  • Swipe, Chip, Phone Pay

Bolt P2PE Line

Your software partnered with secure hardware

  • Bolt makes it quick and easy to integrate secure payment devices into any software environment.
  • Utilizing our cloud-based solution simplifies the payment process and secures transactions with a powerful combination of PCI-validated point-to-point encryption and tokenization

Ingenico Devices and Card Readers

Ingenico helps you keep things simple by accepting payments via swipe, chip, iPhone, and Android

Ingenico iCT220

Get a simple tabletop payment solution like the Ingenico iCT220

Accept all electronic payment methods including EMV chip & PIN, magstripe and NFC/ contactless. This device runs on the Telium 2 operating system – a reliable, secure option for accepting and processing payments.

Other Ingenico Devices

In addition to the Ingenico iCT220, we offer these Ingenico hardware products: iSMP4 (WiFi-compatible), iPP 320/350 and iSC Touch 250.

Clover Point of Sale (POS)
Devices & Card Readers

Clover devices give you the ability to move at the speed of business by allowing an open-source platform for over 300+ apps, a native Point of Sale (POS) system, easy to use and beautiful display

Clover Station

The all-in-one POS system that comes with a cash drawer and receipt printer

  • 14-inch HD display screen with swivel feature
  • Built-in battery backup for uninterrupted payment acceptance
  • Manage your inventory, apply discounts, apply taxes at the item level, track sales, accept payments and manage employees all in one place
  • End-to-end encryption and data tokenization

Clover Flex

Payments made sleek

  • Replaces your register, terminal and printer – one device is all you need
  • Take orders, confirm inventory and accept payments all while your customers wait in line
  • Accept payments inside and outside of your store

Clover Mini

A compact countertop POS that harnesses the power of the Clover Station

  • Hardware that scales – add more POS components as you grow
  • EMV chip card transactions cut down to 3 seconds
  • Receipts printed from device

Get Point-of-Sale (POS) systems and devices with Payline

Payline offers secure, reliable payment processing solutions to help you scale. Payline offers PCI compliance, chargeback protection, ACH payments, and over 300 business-friendly POS and Mobile Apps

Customer Scheduling
Gift Cards
Shift Schedules

Mobile Devices

Looking for something more mobile?

See a list of mobile solutions ›

Need to key credit cards in, find detailed reports, and add users?

  • Your account comes equipped with a web-based Virtual Terminal to key credit cards in, find reports, send invoices, send receipts and more.
  • All of your transactions are automatically uploaded into your Virtual Terminal for you to view, void, refund and allow you to stay on top of your business
  • Your mobile app also allows for almost unlimited flexibility for the times you aren’t in front of a screen

Calculate Your Total Monthly Costs

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