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Virtual Terminal Solution

Virtual Terminal Solution

QuickBooks Integration

Payline is one of the few processors that has a native QuickBooks integration, as opposed to third-party integration. With our plugin, you get our lower pricing combined with the amazing software that QuickBooks offers.


Online Integrations

Whether you need us to integrate into your online shopping cart, buildout an integration through our API, or design you a “Pay Now” button, these are all included in your monthly fee.

Interchange Optimization

Interchange optimization, also referred to as Level 2 or Level 3 data, comes standard with our software. This is a way for you to lower the interchange rates associated with B2B or B2G cards by filling out more fields per transaction. This lowers the risk, and the banks are happy to offer lower rates as a result.

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Payline has chosen interchange-plus pricing so we keep your costs as low as possible. To expand, interchange rates are the costs set by the card brands themselves. We simply add a small markup above that per transaction. Additionally, we are happy to not have a term length, cancellation fee, PCI compliance/non-compliance fees, or annual fees. 

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Chargeback Prevention

A fact of the industry: If you have a chargeback ratio of over 1%, all banks will shut your merchant account down.

Payline partners with VeriFi to help stay in front of chargebacks. This software alerts you immediately when a customer files for a chargeback. You can immediately refund the transition or decide to let it go through and go through the dispute process. The true value in this is speeding up the communication because most gateways/virtual terminals do not.

Surcharge Software

Payline partners with InterPayments to provide a surcharging software for you on your online shopping cart. Essentially, the software reads the interchange rate associated with the card and adds a line item to the checkout process. This is a simple way to pass the cost of the card onto the consumer, without adding friction to the checkout process.

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