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Interchange + .2%

$0.10 per transaction / $10 per month


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All the Features Your Office Needs for a Happy Staff

Accept Chips & Mobile Payments

Your business won’t skip beat with EMV/Chip & mobile payment services. Give your patients what they want.

Simple Transparent Pricing

With no additional fees, no long-term contract and a dedicated account manager, find special medical pricing solutions that work for your business.

Seamless Integration

A Virtual Terminal and reporting dashboard that syncs in real-time. Administrative hiearchy, unlimited users, and centralized billing and reporting capabilities.

HIPAA Compliant

Add an additional layer of security by encrypting your customer payment information with our secure HIPAA Compliant devices, software, and virtual terminal.


Mobile Readers & Apps

Use  a mobile device to take payments away from the front office. Multiple solutions ready to go out-of-the box by downloading a mobile app or flexible WiFi solutions. All-in-one mobile devices that take payments and print receipts. Swipe, Chip, Tap.

ingenico devices for healthcare


Ingenico Devices

Get a secure tabletop payment solution from Ingenico, the world’s leader in devices. Accept all electronic payment methods including EMV/chip & PIN, magstripe and NFC/contactless. These devices runs on the most up to date Telium 2 operating system – a reliable, economical, and secure option for accepting and processing payments. Swipe, Chip, Tap.

Medical Practice Reduce Paper


Card Not Present Solutions

Billing can get complicated and we provide a suite of tools to track down payments while lightening the load on your staff. Payline offers robust invoicing software, recurring & scheduled billing, a secure payments page to add to your website, electronic check (ACH) payments, and a virtual terminal to key credit cards in. Unlimited users and dozens of offices all for the same price. 

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Payline Pricing Plans

Payline is dedicated to providng the lowest pricing while providing you with software like Invoicing, Recurring Billing, ACH payments, and a Payments Page. Easy plugins connect to POS systems, Shopping Carts, Quickbooks and the card reader of your choice. Your first month with Payline is FREE. No risk, no upfront fees, and no cancelation fees.

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Individual Interchange Rates for Visa | Mastercard | Discover | American Express Included in the monthly price above


Enjoy the Benefits of Medical Payment Solutions

Help your business meet the demand in an ever-changing medical landscape.

  • Reduce your expenses with over 300+ business Apps
  • Prioritize customer convenience with mobile solutions
  • Increase efficiencies with invoicing, recurring billing, and ACH payments
  • Direct integrations with your QuickBooks Accounting Software
  • Seamless integration with a new or existing EHR

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