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Give back to the communities that make your business possible.

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Employee Promise


Saving Money


Recurring Donations


Employee Promise

We are passionate about making a difference, and it’s proven by our amazing team. Every member of our team donates time away from work to help volunteer.

Make a difference

Volunteering events

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Increase awareness

Raise money for non-profits

Saving Money

A penny saved is a penny earned.

Deep Discounts

We live this philosophy by offering significant discounts to any of our 501.c partners.


When saving money, and having extra revenue, that gives the opportunity to donate extra to charities.

Extra Revenue

Coupled with Card Brand interchange savings this creates extra revenue that goes to the amazing causes that our non-profits support.

Recurring Donations

Non-Profits can join our Commercial Co-Venture Program and work with us to create monthly donations for free. Our goal is to find creative solutions to help every partner raise money to advance their cause.



Our non profits can refer clients to participate in our Payline Giving Program.



Our team will help create a solution to benefit the business.



Recurring donations will be automatically set up for your cause

Become a part of the movement

Give more through Payline Giving


Since 2009, Payline has given Grants to over 300 non-profits world wide. We work in partnership with our Non-Profits and Charities to create grants with a mission to advance their causes and create a positive impact.