As the weather turns to a cool and refreshing temperature, many businesses are also refreshing their payments and retail strategies for the upcoming holiday season. Our latest Payments News Roundup features stories on what to keep an eye on.

Adidas Just Launched A New Shopping App That Learns What You Like
Business Insider | Mon Nov 6, 2017 — Computers know us better than we know ourselves, and now Adidas is trying to do the same. Adidas has announced the launch of a new shopping app to improve their customer experience. This new app is highly personalized for users, and will provide features like a chatbot for customer inquiries, a full online store, and a personalized newsfeed tailored to different user searched and tendencies. The app will also feature store news, special offers and more to create the ideal shopping experience. This step into the digital retail world is a chance for Adidas to gain back the attention of customers with a new and improved presence.

Amazon Has A Risky Strategy For Cutting Prices This Holiday Season
Fortune | Mon Nov 6, 2017 — Amazon is taking on a new challenge in time for the holiday season sales that are likely to come its way. Amazon has started to discount certain items by as much as 9%. The discount is applies to items that are sold by third party sellers who ship their products through Amazon distribution centers. By offering these discounts to shoppers as the holiday season begins, Amazon itself will absorb the cost difference, which means that sellers will still make the original price amount. Although this is is a strategy being put forth on sellers by Amazon in an attempt to attract customers away from other retailers, it is being reported that sellers will have the ability to opt out if they wish.

Chipotle Refreshes Mobile App With Android Pay, Apple Pay
Mobile Payments Today | Tue Nov 7, 2017— Another day, another way to pay. Chipotle has now created a new mobile app that is available for download on Apple and Android devices. This new app will enhance the on-the-go experience for Chipotle customers by allowing them to take advantage of sought-after features. These features include quick and easy reordering of favorites or recent orders, using Apple Pay or Android Pay to checkout, easier store locating and the ability to receive and redeem special Chipotle offers. Whether you are a first time app user or a regular online customer, this revitalized mobile app is the new way to get your Chipotle fix.

Black Friday Is Starting Earlier and Earlier
Business Insider | Tue Nov 7, 2017 — Traditionally, the unofficial holiday begins the day after Thanksgiving, which will fall on November 24 this year. Many retailers are beginning the super savings a bit earlier however, such as actual Thanksgiving day or even before that. In the realm of accepting online payments, Kohl’s is starting online Black Friday sales on November 20. Meanwhile, Target already kicked off Black Friday sales early for one day on November 6. Many deals will include free shipping and other incentives, so keep your eyes peeled for this year’s deals.

Walmart Pay Threatens To Surpass Apple In U.S. Mobile Payments
Chicago Tribune | Tue Nov 7, 2017 — The three major “Pays” from Apple, Android and Samsung are well known and widely used payment methods, but now another Pay is coming to play. It is being reported that Walmart Pay may soon become a top mobile payments contender in the U.S., even surpassing Apple Pay. Walmart Pay, which is now available in 4,774 of its stores, is regularly enrolling tens of thousands of new users a day. This is an increase in the thousands from enrollment results 4-5 months prior, and a continuation of this streak means Walmart Pay may be taking first place against Apple Pay. Walmart was the largest retailer to reject having Apple Pay incorporated in their app, and it appears to have been a good decision.

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