If you’re reading this post, it’s likely that you have just learned that you are on the Terminated Merchant File, also known as the MATCH list. There’s a good chance you’re surprised by this news, but rest assured – you are not alone. Many high risk merchants who wish to start accepting credit cards are disappointed when they learn that they’ve been placed as TMF and are unsure what this might mean for the future of their business. Take a deep breath, and allow us to explain what to do next.

What is the MATCH List and How Can I Start Accepting Credit Cards?

MATCH stands for Member Alert to Control High-Risk and was created and is managed by MasterCard. It is a list of accounts to serve as a warning to processors in order to screen businesses during the underwriting process.

While the reasoning for maintaining a list like this has its merits, there are some downsides (especially if you we anticipating accepting credit cards soon for your business). MasterCard itself does not verify or confirm the accuracy of the list. In their own words.accepting credit card 101 payline data

“It is possible that information has been wrongfully reported or inaccurately reported… (or) that facts and circumstances giving rise to a MATCH report may be subject to interpretation and dispute.”

Typically, if you are placed on this list, you will not be able to get an approval to start accepting credit cards via any U.S.-based processor until you remove yourself from the list, or are able to successfully dispute the reasoning for placement to your processor.

The good news is this: if you are on this list, we can help. Payline has successfully placed many MATCH list merchants and have solutions. If you have valid reasons and a strong plan to correct the past we will find a way to work with you to get you accepting credit cards as soon as possible. Let us review your case and see how we can help you.

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