The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has chosen Payline as their preferred merchant processor to bring cost-effective, payment solutions to ASPS members.  Learn how you can take advantage of the National Corporate Discount at your location.

Healthcare Payment Processing

One of the reasons healthcare organizations are so unique is that they need the ability to accept multiple payment types in order to meet the needs of their patients.  Our products offer the accessibility and flexibility your practice needs.

Mobile Payments

Accept payments anytime, anywhere, and on almost any mobile device.  Ideal for trainers, physical therapists, massage therapists, and most on-the-go healthcare professionals.

Card-Not-Present Payments

Make your healthcare organization more versatile by providing your patients with a way to pay online, over-the-phone, or in recurring installments.

In-Office Payments

Our in-office solutions give traditional healthcare offices a familiar way to accept credit cards with a countertop solution that won’t require changes to their entire POS system or CRM software.

Choose how you want to accept payments.

Remove the confusion and complexity that comes from working with your payments provider.  Payline offers products and pricing that are tailored to fit the unique needs of your healthcare practice.  Select the plan you need to get started.

Retail Medical

For medical offices that swipe cards

Interchange +


$0.10 per transaction

No monthly fees
Free PCI Compliance
Included next-day funding
Included fraud-monitoring & chargeback support

Select Plan

Online Medical

For medical offices that key in cards

Interchange +


$0.10 per transaction

No monthly fees
Free PCI Compliance
Included payment gateway
Included fraud-monitoring & chargeback support

Select Plan

To learn more about Interchange Plus Pricing, check out our video.


Create your new payment experience.

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Do you process a high volume of transactions?

We understand that larger plastic surgery practices have specific needs, so our payment solutions are built to scale and will drive revenue and streamline your costs.  Contact us today at [email protected] or call 888-464-8344 for more information about custom solutions.


Processing that makes an impact.

ASPS members that have switched to Payline have not only seen savings upwards of 40% of their processing, they’ve also helped make a positive impact on The Plastic Surgery Foundation.  Payline gives 10% of all our processing fees to The PSF at no additional charge to ASPS members, and this year we have already contributed over $5,000.  Contact us today and together we can continue to make a positive impact.

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Stand Up to Fraudsters

Confirm Your Customers

Include a CVV verification at checkout to authenticate the verification number on the back of a customer’s card.

Address Verification

Trust that your customers are true cardholders with our AVS check solution which validates address information.

Protect Payments

Configure filters to help determine fraud and differentiate between legitimate and suspicious transactions with our rules-based fraud solution.


Experience Payments Differently

For businesses that need a more flexible and friendly payments partner, Payline offers products to power killer payment experiences everywhere. Unlike other payment vendors who only care about what’s on their bottom line, we care about what’s on your horizon

Payline is headquartered in Chicago, IL and built on a foundation of providing opportunities for employees and customers to achieve their greatest potential, and giving to those in need.

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