American Express – One Point

We have a great new “ONE POINT” program. All of the merchant processing for Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express will appear on ONE statement. Also, this program allows for next day funding on all of your American Express business, a feature never offered previously.  This new feature gets your funds to you faster and offers an easier way to keep track of your accounts.  It gets even better; the “One Point” service is available at NO extra charge.

Key Benefits of the Program

The American Express® OnePoint Program provides the following merchant benefits:

  • Point-of-Sale convenience
  • One ACH for all card types
  • Single source point of contact for customer service
  • Single merchant statement- all card types on one combined statement
  • One dispute center
  • May lower overall cost to accept American Express® Cards
  • American Express® Card Acceptance
  • More payment choices for consumers
  • No Cost of entry into the program