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  • Who is Payline Data

    Payline Data Services, LLC is your complete credit card processing solution for accepting payments online or on the go. We process credit cards for thousands of U.S. based merchants, big and small. Our payment facilitator (PayFac) allows platforms to create a frictionless experience for their clients.

  • What is a payment facilitator (PayFac)?

    Our PayFac allows software platforms the ability to let their users accept payments. The payment facilitator is responsible for accepting and disbursing payments to third parties. Payline Data is a registered payment facilitator, and we can work with larger platforms to become a PayFac.

    Another common term in the industry for PayFac is payment aggregator.

  • Who can use PayFac?

    We are only accepting software platforms (partners) that accept payments online or in their mobile app onto our payment facilitator at this time. If you need to create subscriptions or recurring billing, our PayFac is a solution for you as well.

    Merchant clients of these platforms can sign up on the platform to accept credit cards immediately. We will be opening up our PayFac for individual merchants in the near future. Please email [email protected] to keep up to date.

    If you are a merchant looking to accept payments, please visit and contact [email protected] for a merchant account.

  • Do you allow international businesses?

    International businesses that have a US based location and a US bank account can process payments on our PayFac. Currently, we only settle funds in US currency, but we will support settlements in Canadian and other currencies soon.

  • Do you process international cards?

    Yes, we accept international credit cards.

  • What is the pricing for processing on the PayFac?

    Pricing starts at 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. For businesses that process over $80k per month, please email [email protected] about enterprise pricing.

    There are no application fees, seasonal fees, nor hidden fees of any sort with Payline Data.

    We also have reduced pricing for non-profits. Let us know if you are a registered 501(c)(3) by emailing [email protected].

  • Can you set up a merchant account for me?

    At the moment, we do not set up individual merchants on our PayFac. If you would like to accept payments with a traditional merchant account, please visit and contact [email protected].

  • How do I get started?

    You can start integrating to our API here. Feel free to hit the public API to see the sample responses.

    You can sign up here or email [email protected] to receive a link to your dashboard and a set of API keys.

    We’ll reach out to you to get a dialogue started about how you plan to accept payments and gain just a little bit more information about your business before you can go live in our PayFac.

  • How do I log in?

    You can log in to your dashboard here. If you are having trouble logging in or resetting your password, please email us at [email protected].


  • How long does it take to integrate to the API?

    An experienced developer can complete basic integration to the API in less than half an hour. Integration times can vary depending on the complexity of the platform and experience level of the developer.

  • Which client libraries do you offer?

    We currently provide client libraries for Java and PHP in our public API documentation. However, we also support Ruby, Python, and .NET libraries. Please email [email protected] about which client library you need built for you if you require one of these additional programming languages.

  • How do I retrieve my credentials and API keys?

    While logged into your dashboard, go to Settings > API Keys to find your username and secret to be used with the API.

PCI Compliance

  • Do I have to be PCI compliant?

    Yes. Anyone that processes, transmits, or stores credit card data must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). If you are found to be non-compliant, you will be in violation of our Terms of Service and can have your account suspended.

  • How do I become PCI compliant?

    Partners and, in most cases, their sub-merchants will be required to fill out the self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ). Your SAQ will depend on which payment method you integrate with:

    Payment iFrame

    Using our iFrame method, all card data will be transmitted throguh the payment iFrame managed and hosted by Payline Data. If you accept payments using this method, you will be required to fill out the SAQ-A.


    When you collect credit card data on your own payment form and use our Javascript to send the fields directly to Payline Data, you will be required to fill out the SAQ-A-EP and perform quarterly scans. When creating your own payment form, attacks on your integration can be more difficult to spot and puts you into a larger burden of PCI scope.

  • How much does it cost for PCI compliance?

    PCI compliance is free of charge with our payment iFrame. We provide PCI compliance through our partner, Aperia, if you accept payments using our tokenization.js.

  • How do I transfer card data from my current processor to Payline Data's vault?

    You can easily transfer card data from your existing vault to ours by letting us know, and we will do all the heavy lifting. Transferring vault data requires that the parties involved be PCI Level 1 Certified.

  • Is Payline Data PCI compliant?

    Yes. Payline Data is a validated Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider.


  • What is the process of signing up a merchant client?

    When you send the required information for underwriting to our API, you will receive an immediate response. The API triggers a KYC that will allow us to underwrite the sub-merchant, and they can start processing immediately after approval. Please refer to our Risk Policy for more details on what information is required from merchants to process at certain processing volumes.

  • How long does it take to get approvded?

    Approvals are instant, unless more information is required to verify the principal or the business. The sub-merchant status will be returned via API.

  • What happens when Payline needs to collect additional information?

    If more information is needed, our Risk and Underwriting Representative will reach out to the partner, unless otherwise agreed upon. We want the platform to dictate the user experience. Therefore, Payline Data will remain in the background and work with you to resolve sub-merchant issues. If you decide that you want Payline to contact your clients directly, we can do that on your behalf.

    Since you are working directly with Payline, you’ll get same day action and remediation.


  • What data is available to users of PayFac?

    Real-time status changes, transactional, settlement, and dispute data is all available via the API or webhooks. You can create a webhook for events that have occurred in our gateway. Just visit for our sample payloads.

  • Do partners and merchants get a dashboard

    When signing up as a partner, you are provisioned a dashboard where you can retrieve your partner level API key and credentials, monitor transaction level data, and manage disputes.

  • What kind of omni-channel data do you provide?

    *With our PayFac, you are able to sync data across all of your platforms. For example, if you have a point of sale, online store, and mobile reader, our processor agnostic platform will allow you to sync your data and manage it from our dashboard.

Settlement and Funding

  • When do funds deposit to a merchant's account?

    Funds settle to merchants 24 to 48 hours after the batch settlement. Transactions that occur before our cutoff will be settled to Payline Data and then disbursed the following day.

  • When does Payline collect the processing fee?

    Payline Data collects fees when the transactions settle. Processing fees are net settled, meaning you will see, line by line, the fees deducted from each transaction.

  • Are merchants required to allow withdrawals from my bank account?

    Yes. Merchants are required to set up a bank account to be debited refunds, chargebacks, and reconciliation amounts from. Failure to allow an ACH withdrawal may result in funds being held until your balance has cleared.

Risk and Disputes

  • For what reasons may a merchant account be held or have a reserve placed?

    Witholding of funds or reserves can be placed on merchant accounts for several reasons:

    • due to an unverifiable bank account
    • additional information may be required to process over certain transaction limits, those limits and the requirements are located in our Risk Policy
    • transaction amount over the max transaction amount – if you expect to process more in volume, kindly let us know and we will adjust your limits
    • in order to verify the authenticity of a suspicious payment
    • due to an ACH block for refunds, chargebacks, or reconciliations.

    If a merchant account is held or a reserve is placed, you will receive notice from our Risk and Underwriting Team on how to resolve the issue and remove the hold or reserve.

  • How will the merchant be notified when a dispute is created?

    Dispute events can be consumed via webhook. You can check on the status of your open disputes in the dashboard, and upload supporting evidence to Payline Data. Responding to a dispute has never been easier.

  • Is there a fee for a chargeback filed against the merchant?

    There is a chargeback (a customer disputes a charge) fee of $15 for each chargeback incident.

  • Do you close accounts for inactivity?

    No. We do not close your account due to inactivity. If you only process payments seasonally, you can keep the same processing rates, and there are no penalties in between (i.e. no monthly fee).

  • Where can I find Payline Data's PayFac Risk Policy?

    All of Payline Data’s policies, including our Risk Policy, can be located here.


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