Filing Small Business Taxes
Medical Office Credit Card Processing
April 16, 2021

While the cost of running a medical office steadily increases year after year, insurance reimbursements continue to decline. Healthcare providers strive…

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Medical Practice Reduce Paper
6 Ways to Reduce Paper in Your Medical Practice
April 1, 2021

Written by Guest Writer: Lindsey Patterson When you run a medical practice you can end up with an overwhelming amount of…

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A Payline Case Study: Offering Easier Payment Solutions to Medical Facilities
March 18, 2021

A Payline Case Study: Offering Easier Payment Solutions to Skilled Nursing Facilities The Client’s Backstory: North American Client Services provides office…

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healthcare payment solutions
How to Accept Credit Cards at Your Medical Practice and Save Money
August 28, 2017

As a cost-conscious medical professional, you’ve done the math time and again only to come to the same conclusion that it’s too…

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Doctors walking down the hall learning about healthcare payment processing options
How Healthcare Payment Processing Can Affect Your Medical Practice
July 28, 2017

With so many options in the marketplace, managing your healthcare payment processing needs can seem overwhelming for many medical professionals. Besides…

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