Start searching for your best customers.

There’s enough on your mind already when it comes to running a business, so we’re here to help you identify, find, and keep the right customers. Learn to know them and understand their needs to keep driving your business forward, with Customer Insights.

Get Customers

We can help make your marketing effective.

Locate Customers


Know who your customers are and where they come from.

Product Pricing


Make better decisions about product, pricing, and inventory.



Gather performance analytics for sales, locations and campaigns.



Build better business plans and open new locations.

Focus on the right customers.

We use your transaction data to show you your customers’ demographic, geographic, psychographic, and economic attributes. You not only better understand their needs, you can add that capability to marketing solutions to reach more of your best customers.

Customer Insights

Make turnkey marketing a breeze.

Our Analytics Suite simplifies your marketing process:

  • Top customers list, complete with important attributes
  • Dynamic reporting and trending analysis
  • Marketing consultation
  • Support and training tools

Start growing with Customer Insights from Payline.

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