Why Did Ticket Sales Fail at Lollapalooza?
March 25, 2015

Social media was blazing with customers claiming their cards were declined during the Lollapalooza ticket sale event. According to the Chicago Tribune,…

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online payment security
Online Payment Security May Be Outpacing That of Offline Payments
January 28, 2015

Online payment processing has made some small business owners uncomfortable since it is an anonymous person making a purchase with a…

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credit card fraud spike
What is Behind the Spike In Credit Card Fraud?
October 14, 2014

Often we ask ourselves if the world is really a more dangerous place than before, or if our perception has changed…

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home depot credit card
What the Home Depot Credit Card Breach is Telling Us
September 16, 2014

When news broke of the Home Depot credit card breach, it felt like we were having déjà vu. Large-scale security breaches…

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credit card fraud spikes
Credit Card Fraud Spikes in the U.S. Before EMV Introduction
August 26, 2014

The United States has recently undertaken the task of updating its antiquated magnetic strip technology with EMV chips, like those used…

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