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Being a business owner means making decisions in your company’s best interest and sometimes that means finding ways to ensure your business is presented in the best light and ensuring payments are processed efficiently. That might mean finding ways to reassure your customers and give them incentive to shop with you – like offering mobile payment processing way to or by adding credit card logos to your business website, your online shop, or a physical retail store. If you’re not sure whether your business needs to display credit card logos, keep reading to learn more. 


You Need Credit Card Logos for Your Business?

Displaying credit card logos on your website or in your retail store can give your business a sense of legitimacy and professionalism. While they’re not necessarily required, having credit card logos on display can entice people to feel comfortable buying from you. It can also prevent them from using the wrong cards on your website or trying to pay in-person with cards you don’t accept. With a clear display of credit card logos, your customers can be sure of which types of credit cards you accept and there’ll be far less confusion. 


Where to Find Credit Card Logos

Now that you’ve established that you want to use credit card logos for your business, you’re probably wondering exactly where to find credit card logos. There are few places you can get credit card logos for your website or online shop, including directly from each credit card issuer’s website. For example, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover each offer their own credit card logos. 

Additionally, Dreamstale provides a high-quality collection of payment method vector icons that you can use at no cost for both personal and commercial projects. 

IconShock also has credit card logos on their site that you can use for your business or you could opt to get them from QuickBooks.

You can purchase credit card logo signs online by doing a quick Google search, but to give you a head start, you can try, Amazon, or ebay.


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Where to Place Credit Card Logos

Place your credit card logos on your payments or checkout page near the payment fields for the best results. If you have a Shopify store, your logos will automatically be placed in the footer of the shop pages. 

If you own a retail store with a physical location, place stickers at the front door or at the checkout desk. Mobile businesses might place stickers on cars. Or if it’s a business with a kiosk or stand, there’s usually a sign that shows which credit cards are accepted.


How to Add Payment Icons on Shopify

If you’re using Shopify, adding payment icons is a simple, four-step process.

To enable payment icons in your footer, go to the theme editor, click Footer, and then check the Show payment icons checkbox. Then click Save

Once you’ve completed that process, it’s time to edit the code for your payment icons. Your theme by default will show the icons associated with the payment gateway you enabled in the Payment Settings section of your admin dashboard. 

To manually add or remove the payment icons you want displayed on your shop, go to Online Store and then Themes from your Shopify admin.

Then, find the theme you want to edit and click Actions and Edit code.\

In the Sections directory, click footer.liquid. If your theme doesn’t have that file, click theme.liquid in the Layout directory.

Find this code in the file: {% for type in shop.enabled_payment_types %}

Replace it with this code: 

{% assign enabled_payment_types = ‘visa,master,american_express,paypal’ | remove: ‘ ‘ | split: ‘,’ %} {% for type in enabled_payment_types %}

After pasting the code, edit the list based on which payment methods you accept.

You can use any of the following values:

  • afterpay
  • american_express
  • apple_pay
  • bitcoin
  • dankort
  • diners_club
  • discover
  • dogecoin
  • dwolla
  • forbrugsforeningen
  • google_pay
  • ideal
  • jcb
  • klarna
  • klarna-pay-later
  • litecoin
  • maestro
  • master
  • paypal
  • shopify_pay
  • sofort
  • visa


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How to Add Payment Icons on Woo Commerce

If you’re using Woo Commerce, it’s recommended that you use SVG icons for great resolution on any screen. The ones on Dribble are a good option.

You can add payment icons by following these steps:

Filter the woocommerce_gateway_icon function and add the following code in the functions.php file:

// Add Custom Credit Card Icons to WooCommerce Checkout Page 


add_filter (‘woocommerce_gateway_icon’, ‘njengah_custom_woocommerce_icons’);


function njengah_custom_woocommerce_icons() {


    $icon  = ‘<img src=”icons-url” alt=”stripe” />’;


     return $icon;



You may need to replace the image URL, depending on where the payment icons image on your site is located.

Upload the icons to the WordPress media folder and replace the icons-url in the code with the right image path. 



Adding credit card logos to your website or shop, as you’ve seen, can be a great way to convince your customers to shop with you and provide an air of professionalism. If you own a physical location, having signs near the register or stickers in the window can give potential customers the confidence they need to make a purchase. So start searching for the appropriate payment icons for your business and add them to your payments page, shop, or retail store.


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